It will come as a surprise to those who think they know me when I say that I have more than passing liking for brass band music. My early seventies rock collection certainly doesn’t back up the statement. Maybe it’s the Yorkshireman in me, because there is something intrinsically Yorkshire about brass band music. Perhaps we just hear more bands around this county than elsewhere because so many of them stemmed from the mills and pits. During Sunday’s Broughton Show which Dalesman sponsors, Haworth Band, shaded from the sun but still sweltering under canvas, played relentlessly. While others threw themselves into the beck in an attempt to fly, and a stuntman set himself on fire before hurling himself off a 50ft ladder, the band soldiered on. There’s something emotional and moving about the sound, and looking round at others who were captivated I saw the young and the old. Now that I’ve ‘come out’ about brass bands, I might consider a CD for the car.
Photo: hundreds watch as David Aynesworth takes flight… well, actually, falls off the end of the board.

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