Trail riders in the Yorkshire Dales are being told exactly where to go by the national park authority – though not in the way many walkers would perhaps like.

Motor bikes and 4×4 vehicles on Green Lanes are the biggest single source of complaints to the authority with other users complaining of unsurfaced tracks being churned into quagmires as well as noise and fumes from off-road vehicles. Although police have cracked down on illegal riders with one being fined £250 recently for riding on Blea Moor, near Ribblehead, patrols are few and far between and walkers regularly report meeting groups of bikers off road.

However the park authority recognises that some Green Lanes do have vehicle rights and to help riders stay legal it is producing a leaflet spelling out where they may go. It hopes that the leaflet will help to reduce conflict between landowners, walkers, cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists.

Called ‘Trail Riding in the Yorkshire Dales’, it has been produced in partnership with the Trail Riders Fellowship, local authorities and the police.

The information for most routes is already available on but the leaflets will also be available free from some petrol stations and cafés in and around the National Park, or by contacting Matt Neale on 01969 666220.

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