I’m currently preparing November’s Dalesman magazine in which we’ll be recounting readers’ war memories. They were harrowing times yet seventy years later it seems lessons have not been learned. This weekend we hear of yet more Yorkshiremen being killed in a cowardly attack in Afghanistan. The deaths of two soldiers from the 3rd Batallion of the Yorkshire Regiment – Gareth Thorsby of Skipton and Thomas Wroe of Holmfirth – take the tally of Brits killed in that God-forsaken country to 430. What a waste of life. I recall visiting the Leeds Pals memorial in Colsterdale (pictured) a couple of years ago and wondering why all these men had to be sent to their slaughter. At least they were fighting for our own country’s freedom – I see very little to commend the current conflict, and our withdrawal from Afghanistan cannot come quickly enough.

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  1. Paul Booth

    Sagely words from the excellent Editor of the Dalesman. The loss of 430 lives is something to leave us all bereft. However, I am wary of leaving a land festering with bad intentions and crazed individuals who will no doubt send their emmissaries westwards unless we cut off their supply lines. I personally want our troops to remain in Afghanistan in perpetuity. Anyway, its good training for the US, UK and Nato troops for the moment when we are faced with a true apocalypse. Not far away if Iran has its way. Stay strong Dales folk.


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