I received news form the RSPB and the national park that the peregrine falcons nesting in Malham Cove have produced some young. But how many and when are two questions that cannot be answered for now as the nest is too far back on the ledge to allow people a clear sight. Ian Court, the YDNPA’s Wildlife Conservation Officer, says: “The female has started taking food into the nesting ledge – something that doesn’t happen when she is incubating – so it’s a clear indication that the chicks have hatched. Unfortunately the birds are nesting out of sight so we do not know how many young there are. We will be waiting for the chicks to become large enough that they start to venture away from the nest scrape and allowing us to see them.”
The watch site, which last year attracted 16,500 visitors, has been set up once again and is being manned by YDNPA and RSPB staff and volunteers between 10.30am and 4.30pm from Wednesdays to Sundays inclusive (weather permitting). Peregrines started nesting at the Cove 18 years ago and since then they have raised 37 young. But they are not the only winged attraction there – there are green woodpeckers, cliff-nesting house martins and little owls as well as redstarts and swifts. More information about the Malham Peregrines can be found at www.yorkshiredales.org.uk/peregrines and they will be featured on the park’s Twitter page using the #malhamperegrines and the RSBP’s Facebook group Malham Peregrine Watch.

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