Towards the back end of yesterday afternoon I was out on Malham Moor trying to catch a glimpse of the peregrine falcons and other birds. If they’d any sense they would have been huddled in the nest well out of a bitterly cold wind. But it was the ever-changing moods of the weather and colours of the landscape that caught my attention more than the birds. There was sunshine and blue skies, darkness and showers, smaller clouds rushing by and larger clouds gathering and looking menacing. I didn’t know where to point the camera next. In next month’s Dalesman Bill Mitchell remembers a Dales stalwart Edith Carr and her time at Capon Farm high up on Malham Moor. As I later drove by the farmhouse, with darkness starting to fall and a huge grey cloud hanging low above the moor, I thought of how isolated she and her family must have felt being stuck here in the worst of weather.

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