Had to venture to foreign parts this week, over the boundary into Red Rose territory. Not on missionary work this time but on a job for my other magazine The Countryman (countryside lovers should try it – there’s no better magazine dealing with rural Britain… even though I say so myself). Took the long way back home through Gisburn Forest and up to Bowland Knotts for one of the finest views over the western dales. Up on these bleak grouse moors, where few were allowed to venture until access rules were eased, you can see both counties and their differing landscapes and on the clearest days make out those big blobs in the Lake District. I sat as still as I could in some fierce winds and focused on the Three Peaks as the clouds rushed across the picture in front of me. First Whernside then Ingleborough were threatening, then in a blink of the eye switched their mood to look inviting; Penyghent took on the dark stranger role before the whole scene lit up once more. What a fantastic ever-changing gallery of paintings in front of me. It cost nowt as well – now that’s what I call a right Yorkshire treat.

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