It is a rare treat to see the Northern Lights in Yorkshire, but a lucky few recently got to see this spectacular phenomenon.

To view the Aurora Borealis often requires trips to the Arctic Circle, but on 1 May, northern parts of England were treated to a dazzling display of these stunning natural illuminations.

Sightings in Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales producing amazing images as people viewed the solar wind reacting with the Earth’s magnetic field, creating towering red curtains, known as polar shafts and the distinctive green glow shimmering across the northern horizon.

northern lights

The Northern Lights close to the Tan Hill Inn, Swaledale. Picture Copyright Paul Kingston/North News and Pictures

You can see one of the amazing pictures, taken by Paul Kingston of North News and Pictures, in all its glory in the June edition of Dalesman.

Prints of the pictures can be ordered online by clicking here.

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