I can’t pretend otherwise – I AM a grumpy old man. Ask my son, ask my friends, ask my work colleagues. But like all grumpy old men, I know I’m right to be grumpy so don’t try to prove me wrong. There are some things which get the veins in my neck standing out further than others and none more so than the problem of litter, especially in the countryside.

This last week I took a few days holiday and during the four hours of good weather during the whole week I had a little trip up to Sedbergh and the Howgills (if it’s raining I can mooch around the bookshops, if it’s fine I can take in the hills and stunning views in that glorious border area). In the end I managed both but became enraged (again) on coming across cans, a Coke bottle and several chocolate wrappers while only a couple of hundred feet up on the hills. It’s bad enough some moron dropping their garbage in the town streets but to take it miles into the countryside and carry it up a hill before thoughtlessly leaving it in such a beautiful spot is just beyond comprehension. Grr.

Author and CPRE president Bill Bryson is as grumpy as I am about the mindless depositing of litter in the countryside and has helped set in motion a new campaign called Stop the Drop… for details visit www.cpre.org.uk

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  1. Paul Booth

    Whilst I agree that dropping litter in the pristine countryside is horrendous, that’s not really the end of the story. A trip to our coastline will also reveal the huge amount of litter floating around our oceans. The real culprit behind much of our current increased crop of litter is plastic packaging. Manufacturers and retailers worldwide should be forced to stop encasing their goods in plastic if we are to tackle this problem. We can’t stop a yob of any age ditching his or her carrier bags or empty water bottles but we can stop retailers producing them in the first place.


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