I’m no dinosaur when it comes to new technology – nor am I some kind of techno-geek who has to have every new gadget which comes on the scene. If it’s functional, makes my life easier, does away with a boring task – and I can afford it – then I’m interested. A couple of years ago I ended up being an hour late for an appointment after taking a wrong turning and finding myself in an isolated dale deep in the North York Moors. After that I bought a sat nav and so far it’s worked very well for me. Last week, the well-spoken lady helped navigate me through a labyrinth of streets and alleyways in York… without her I would still be circling the city along its incomprehensible one-way system. However, in the wrong hands the sat nav can be a dangerous tool. If you turn the sat nav on and your brain off you’ll end up in in deep water… literally. At the weekend, despite the pouring rain, I took a short walk above Settle and came across a van driver attempting a 132-point turn on a narrow track but instead ending up with the van’s back end in a water-filled ditch. He claimed he’d been sent down the lane by his well-spoken lady – but he hadn’t spotted the fact there was a sign at the turn-off which indicated it was a dead-end route. Luckily for him, out in the deluge there was an idiot like me willing to push him out.

Photo shows Semer Water… for no other reason than I like the place!

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