Pies, poetry, Victorian grandeur, superb views, Ian McMillan and Harold Wilson… all in half a day. Regular Dalesman contributor Ian has written a piece for the September magazine about one of his favourite railway journeys – from Sheffield to Huddersfield. The article needed some photographs so I followed as closely as possible the line from Penistone to Huddersfield by car. For those who don’t know this part of the Pennines the views come as something of a surprise. Yes, there’s more evidence of Man here than in the upper Pennines but our presence has created a unique character and landscape. In the Dearne Valley at Denby Dale, home of the famous pie, the towering Victorian viaduct is dwarfed only by the nearby Emley Moor TV mast which seems to follow you round wherever you drive. I walked part of the inspirational poetry trail beneath the great archways of the viaduct before driving through pretty villages towards the dominant Castle Hill and on into another sign of Victorian splendour – Huddersfield railway station, where locally-born Harold Wilson is depicted striding forwards purposefully.

Photo taken from the Poetry Trail in Denby Dale

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