The CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England) have a new book out in which a selection of ‘celebs’ let us all know about their favourite icons of England. It got me wondering about Yorkshire ‘icons’… what sums up the county in your eyes? There’s a lot to choose from… maybe it’s the mills of the industrial valleys of the West Riding, or the mighty minster of York? Perhaps the coastal cliffs or Malham Cove? The Three Peaks of the Dales or the heather-clad North York Moors? Let me know what you think.


This week I was fortunate enough to visit Aysgarth Falls again, certainly an icon of Wensleydale. The colours were fabulous and the Ure was swollen by recent rain. I can’t decide which of the three major falls I prefer – all have different qualities – but as a set of falls they must be the most beautiful in England.

Photograph of The Lower Falls by Chris Hopkins

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