Long Preston sky

I see that according to a recent poll the majority of Welsh people want their own parliament similar to that of the Scots. This is bound to lead to those White Rose die-hards amongst us to begin the call again for home rule for Yorkshire. And why not? Yorkshire has the same population as Scotland (around 5.2m), Wales has nobbut 3m, Northern Ireland 1.8m and Ireland just 4.5m. There’s only London with more residents (7.8m) and there they do what they want anyway. We already have our own flag and it certainly wouldn’t be difficult to find a group of mouthy and opinionated Yorkshire folk to fill a parliament. To save arguments between the main Yorkshire cities we should build the Yorkshire Houses of Parliament in Cleckheaton which is handy for the M62 and there are some good chippies in that area. Patrick Stewart will be Prime Minister (simply because he supports Huddersfield Town and thus knows how to deal with hardship), Brian Blessed speaker of the House and my mate’s dad in charge of foreign affairs as he has a lot of views about Lancastrians. Yes, I can see this being a success… any other ideas?

Picture shows the sky above Ribblesdale yesterday.

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  1. Charlotte Mooney

    The Yorkshire National Anthem would be ‘On Ilkley Moor Baht ‘at’. Obviously.

  2. Kerry Long

    Yes we should also have our own currency and border control, passport only to enter Yorkshire, keep out all the undesirables (Southeners ;p)


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