Had a call from someone down south last week who asked if they could have some of our rain. I’m expecting him to phone me again this week to say thank you for the bit we loaned them over the weekend. Perhaps they’ll lend us some sun in July. Although it seems to have rained a lot here there’s not been a lot of rain, if you see what I mean. The local beck and the Ribble have remain fairly low and at Stocks reservoir in Bowland where I went for a stroll around the woods this weekend, the water level remained slightly lower than normal. (Get yourself down to Stocks right now with a pair of binocs to watch the cormorants stretching and drying their wings like miniature Angels of the North, a great sight.) I looked back in my photo diary to see if the early June weather in the Dales was any different from that of 2010 and it appears not. These two photos were taken during the second week of June and the buttercup meadows look to be at similar stages – Garsdale above in 2010, and below, Ribblesdale beneath Stainforth Scar last week.

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