I couldn’t have had a more contrasting 24 hours. Friday I was in splendid isolation in the wide open space above Nidderdale. Saturday, the only piece of greenery for miles was a patch of grass in the centre of Wembley Stadium. I’d taken to the hills to photograph Jenny Twigg and her daughter Tib. Not friends of mine but two eerie, weird-shaped stones leaning into the wind overlooking the heather-clad moors above Ramsgill. More about the odd couple in a future Dalesman. A chunk of Yorkshire made its way down to the Borough of Brent on Saturday knowing that only half them would end up happy on the return journey. The division one play-off final between Sheffield United and Huddersfield Town at Wembley might not have been a spectacle of football but it ended with one of the most dramatic penalty shoot-outs ever seen. There was much gnashing of teeth – not over the penalties or the score but at the price of ale and food.

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