First Brexit, now Yexit – will we see devolution for Yorkshire?

Today Parliament is debating Yorkshire devolution, with support growing for what the tabloids have dubbed Yexit.

Anticipating independence for “God’s Own Country”, an enterprising publisher has ensured residents can already sit the Yorkshire Citizenship Test and apply for a Yorkshire Passport.

The official, unofficial documents have been released by the Yorkshire-based publishers of Dalesman, a magazine that has been extolling the virtues of England’s biggest county for almost 80 years.

The passport includes a Yorkshire-English phrasebook, the words to the Yorkshire anthem On Ilklah Moor Baht ‘At and explains how to pronounce pesky Yorkshire placenames.

Meanwhile, How Yorkshire Are You? The Yorkshire Citizenship Test ranks your scale of Yorkshireness from Lancastrian to True Tyke. It assesses Yorkshire traits such as frugality, tea-brewing and pudding-making.

The books have already proved so popular with Tykes, reprints have had to be ordered to keep up with the demand.

Dalesman editor Adrian Braddy, who dreamt up the passport and citizenship test, said: “With a population greater than New Zealand or the Republic of Ireland, Yorkshire is bigger than many nations and it already has its own flag, language (well, almost), food, costume and anthem.

“So, with all this talk of independence for Yorkshire, we thought it was about time the county had its own passport and citizenship test.”

How Yorkshire Are You? The Yorkshire Citizenship Test is published by Dalesman, priced £4.99. The Yorkshire Passport is published by Dalesman, priced £4.99.

OR, buy both for the special discount price of just £9!

Plus, why not try our interactive How Yorkshire Are You? online quiz?

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