Those who spend their lives in the Dales will tell you all sorts of tales about the vagaries of the weather in the region. It really can change from dale to dale. I drove up through Wharfedale the other day, branching off over into Bishopdale. Conditions were dismal and the constant rain had brought out a rash of waterfalls around Cray. Some days you can venture up here and hardly see a trickle, while on other days, like this one, it looks like a great dam wall has sprung dozens of serious leaks. The rain subsided as I headed down the pastural delights of Bishopdale and when I hit Wensleydale patches of blue sky appeared. I just had to stop off at Aysgarth to see the swollen Ure charging down the falls. It’s difficult to say which section I favoured… the top falls were glorious and wide; middle thunderous; bottom frighteningly fast. After an appointment in Hawes I headed back via Ribblesdale where the weather was different again; very grey with low cloud obscuring Whernside and Ingleborough.

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