Jon Stokoe - The Dalesman Editor
Jon Stokoe

Hello again one and all, and may I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy and healthy festive period.

It’s fair to say that since March, our world has become such a different place.

But while this virus has brought the worst out in a minority of people, I’m pleased to say that the majority has ensured life continues as normally as it can.

We have been buoyed by the many people who have called, written and emailed to say the magazine has helped lift a little of the gloom when it plops through their letterbox.

The fact that continues to happen is not just down to the dedication of the whole team here, it is also thanks to our loyal advertisers who have stuck by us this year while other publications may not have enjoyed similar support.

We realise the importance in continuing to bring you your fix of Yorkshire each month and will endeavour to do so, no matter what the future holds, like we have without fail since 1939.

So do please take the time to check out all the adverts and show your support to these businesses.

If we are to get back to any sort of normal, we need to support each other to ensure we come out the other side sooner, rather than later.

So, until the next time, keep in touch with any feedback on the magazine, and, more importantly, stay safe.

Yours in Yorkshire,

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  1. anne ward

    Hi, I would very much like to write articles for your magazine. I approached ‘Down your Way ‘ earlier in the year not realising that it was going out of print and asked them to forward an article to you . I presume you didnt get it as there was no reply. Could I send it to you directly ?
    In case you want to know, it concerned an old oil painting left in an attic in Guiseley which found its way back to Whitby where the sitter was born, but 250 years before! Looking forward to hearing from you.
    With Kind Regards,
    Anne Ward

    • The Dalesman Magazine

      Hello Anne, thanks for your message. If you’d like to email and we’ll report back. Sounds like a good feature.


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