No, not another pot-holed road awaiting the council’s attention but the bed of the beck in Deepdale near Dent. Such is the state of the Dales’ waterways – and worryingly we haven’t even started on the ‘dry’ months yet. I was showing some visitors around the area during a few days off work and we commented on how low the Ribble, Ure and Swale all were. Until the weekend it’s been very grey in the Dales but this only brought out another aspect of the area’s beauty. Driving over the steep, narrow road from Muker to Askrigg the view over Wensleydale and beyond opens out and the differing shades of grey help define hills and minor dales. Some subdued light picked out Semerwater in its private bowl, adding a focal point to this very beautiful painting.


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  1. Julie

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy this blog and the beautiful photos you post. I am a misplaced yorkshire lass living on the opposite side of the world and love to hear about my beloved homeland. Keep up the good work.

  2. Chris

    I have noticed the River Wharfe at Pool in Wharfedale is rather low…perhaps 2 or 3 feet short of what I would expect it to be this time of year. And a local pond near Harewood Bridge is virtually dry. I would normally be photographing Chasers and Dragonfly but have not seen any yet.


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