Readers call the office with all kinds of weird and wonderful queries. This week I’ve been asked what the weather was like around Penyghent by a gent wanting to take on the Three Peaks. A lady doing a quiz asked how many eggs were used in the making of the world’s largest Yorkshire pudding.

Recently, a gent from Canada wanted me to put together an itinerary of places for him to visit in the Dales while he was over here ‘doing’ Yorkshire. And an American lady wondered if I could would be kind enough to track down some ancestors who lived in our ‘wonderful state’. I had a tough time with a person who wanted an argument settling about the pronunciation of Wath. Is it as in moth or bath she asked. The problem was, she was a southerner and her bath came out as barth. It all got very messy.

I almost ended up as a witness at a coroner’s court after a reader asked about the location of a cave near Whernside, “I think it’s called Yordas,” said the voice at the other end of the phone, Now Kingsdale (pictured) is a splendid short Dales where Yordas cave is a good little side-plate of a treat. “Oh, good. Grannie’s looking forward to going down a cave,” said the delighted caller. Alarm bells started to ring. There’s a steep tricky walk to the cave which can often be a damp, dangerous place for the unprepared. Thankfully I caught the caller before she put the phone down and I was able to discover it was actually the show caves of White Scar near Ingleton that she was after. I vowed to direct all similar calls to the Tourist Information Office.

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