I can’t recall a trip to Dent railway station when I’ve been able to successfully capture the wonderful view back down the dale to the village which is some four-and-a-half miles away. It’s difficult enough to reach the station by car let alone by horse and cart or on foot as would have been the case back in 1877 when the station opened. At 1,150 feet up, England’s highest mainline station seems to forever to have its head in the clouds but it hasn’t stopped one entrepreneur converting the old station waiting rooms and ticket office into fabulous holiday accommodation. Robin Hughes tells me the sun does sometimes shine here – but not that much this summer. Read more about the venture is October’s magazine. My journey over the moor from the station to the next stop on the wonderful Settle-Carlisle line at Garsdale (where more restoration work is taking place) was something of an adventure. It’s a narrow, pot-holed road anyway, but combine this with visibility of a few yards and it had me wishing I’d let the train take the strain. (Before everyone writes in castigating me for not using the train, I had another job to go to well away from the line of the railway.)

The picture was taken at a previous visit to Dent and shows the refurbished accommodation and also the steam train, The Yorkshire Air Ambulance Dalesman.

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