A hectic week in the office was broken up by heading for Richmond to watch t’ telly. I’m not a great fan of TV but I’d helped the producers of the ITV’s The Dales series with some background information and when Welcome to Yorkshire invited me along to their ‘world premier’ showing of the programme I wanted to go along. The event was held at the old railway station which has been superbly developed and where there is a cinema. Seeing some stunning aerial shots of Yorkshire on the big screen was a real joy. I must admit I went into the showing with a little scepticism as I’m not keen on the way TV seems too often nowadays to want to create some kind of soap opera out of almost everything it produces – even the daily news takes on the same slant. But I came out after watching the two episodes shown, thinking I would be very happy to see the whole series through. Obviously I’m attracted by the Yorkshireness and honesty of the characters but I also like the way Bradford-born presenter Ade Edmondson doesn’t try to dominate the show – he can safely leave that to the Dales countryside. The programme starts tomorrow (Monday) on ITV.

Photo: the trees are not yet green but the scene around Burnsall in Wharfedale was still a picture last week

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