It was a week off work catching up on holiday entitlement. Tackling some long-neglected paint work in the house was the prime objective, but there were a couple of days when the well nurtured dandelions in my, ahem, ‘garden, opened up to greet some sunshine, tempting me to get out and about in the Dales. A drive from Ribblesdale through Silverdale to Halton Gill in Littondale and a walk to Foxup gave me a real lift. While driving around the Dales recently I’ve been taking more notice of roadside verges following news of the formation of the Yorkshire Dales Road Verge Project. Working with local communities and North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) Highway’s Department the aim to enhance the quality of our road sides for wildlife. It was very noticeable this week that Dales verges were showing real signs of late spring and early summer. You can read more about the project in June’s Dalesman.
Photo: Penyghent from the Silverdale road, 8.30am May 9, 2010

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