Natural England’s Board have decided to proceed to the next stage of consultation regarding possible extensions and boundary changes to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks. Findings from the initial public surveys during the last year showed that sixty-eight per cent of respondents were in favour of the five suggested extensions involving places like the northern Howgills, Mallerstang and parts of Westmorland and Lancashire.
The Campaign for National Parks (CNP), who organised the consultation, had a little dig at the county and district councils who were generally not supportive of the proposals. Ruth Chambers, deputy chief executive at CNP said: “We hope that the councils’ views will more closely reflect those of their electorate as the boundary extension process progresses.”
I think the councils are the least of CNP’s problems… wait until they have to put a name to this new extended park which will include bits of Lancashire, Westmorland and Yorkshire along with administrative units like Cumbria and North Yorkshire. Mark my words, remove the name Yorkshire and World War Three will begin. It might be a tad wordy to get on one of those discreet little park signs but how about something like The Yorkshire Dales with Bits-of-Other-Counties-That-Always-Wanted-to-be-in-Yorkshire National Park?

Pic shows the Howgills and two sheep that not even their mother could tell apart.

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