Government ministers have been urged to come to Yorkshire to see for themselves the devastating effects of the Surrey foot and mouth outbreaks.

During a meeting with the Farming Minister, Jeff Rooker, Country Land and Business Association president, David Fursdon, stressed the problems being caused by restricting livestock movement in Yorkshire. He also raised a series of issues that need to be resolved quickly to help to ease the pressure on those affected by the outbreak.

Afterwards he said: “I was reassured that Defra is actively looking at a regional scheme that could allow limited movements of livestock in certain areas of the country. Tracings from the last outbreak need to be confirmed and although we haven’t been given a timescale, we hope and will push for more news on this. We all know this is a crucial time for farmers and rural businesses and the financial burden many are facing is frightening.”

He added: “Early Single Farm and Hill Farm payments, and the need for a supportive attitude from banks and the tax authorities, were raised with the Minister.”

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  1. Val Walker Jones

    Great to hear what is going on back home with Foot and Mouth. I don’t want the media news from Surrey. The national newspapers only publish news from Surrey and when I am living in exile it is the Dales problems I want to hear about.


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