"Lucky" the unusually large lobster

An ‘elderly’ lobster hauled from the sea by Whitby fisherman will avoid the boiling pot thanks to its unusual size.

The cracking crustacean is to be a star of the show at Hull aquarium The Deep thanks to a kind-hearted fish merchant in the North Yorkshire port.

Caught last week the lobster, named “Lucky” by The Deep’s aquarists, is to take up residence in the attraction’s North Sea tank where he will spend his time in a lobster-pot free environment, letting the public see what exists in the sea on their doorstep.

“Lucky” weighed in at 4.5 kilos (9.9lbs) and is somewhere between seven and ten years old. His body is 45cms (17 inches) long and his claws are an impressive 10 inches in length.

Assistant curator Andrew McLeod said, “The old chap has had a good run surviving so long out there in what is the middle of lobster fishing territory.”

A spokesman for fish merchants, T G Wood Ltd, said, “We felt it would be a shame for a creature like this to end up on a restaurant plate and so we contacted The Deep. Now people will be able to see what a really big lobster looks like.”

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