When I worra lad… (‘oh no, here we go again’, I hear from those who know me). Bear with me, I’ll keep it brief. My family didn’t have holidays abroad, and the long summer school breaks were spent finding things to do that didn’t cost much. Well times are hard for many people now, too, and finding ways of keeping the children and ourselves amused during summer on a budget is as difficult today as it ever was. That’s why in this month’s Dalesman magazine (out this week) we’ve put together a feature suggesting several cheap days out around this great county of ours. Don’t forget that there are lots of ideas of what to do and where to go – as well as a comprehensive accommodation guide – on our busy website: www.dalesman.co.uk.
Believe it or not, sometimes it rains in Yorkshire. But we’ve even got that covered too… you can read this month about how to cope through our humorous feature about a wet day in Hawes. At least the rain has created some spectacular waterfalls around the county. I was in Richmond last week and as can be seen by my photo above, the falls beneath the castle were bubbling up like a cauldron of boiling oil.

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