As I was preparing March’s Dalesman, which goes on sale this week, I got to thinking how the job of editor had changed so dramatically since Harry Scott founded the magazine back in 1939. The general reader might think, well, it’s just putting words and pictures on paper like it always has been. And that’s true, but the methods used in creating the final product have altered beyond recognition. There are now fewer people involved in the whole process than there were in the 1950s such has been the ‘advances’ in technology, and the same can be said about many other jobs. March’s magazine sees the start of a new regular series, in which we take a nostalgic look back at jobs which have changed over the years. We chat firstly to a district nurse in the Dales then next month we meet a Bevin Boy. In the future we’ll learn about a signalman, lighthouse keeper, trolleybus driver, chimney sweep and a host of others. Blogging, now there’s another thing about which Mr Scott didn’t have to concern himself.

The photo, looking over to Embsay Crag, was taken on a walk around Skipton Woods – look out for details in April’s magazine.

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