Sometimes it’s difficult to remember what the date is when working on monthly magazines. While readers are still buying September’s Dalesman, October’s issue is on its way to the printers and I’m preparing the content for November and even December. So it’s no wonder I got a strange look from a chap who spoke to me as I was taking this photo on Friday. It is taken from the road between Buckden and Cray looking up Langstrothdale. The clouds had just parted in a stiff breeze but they were clinging to the hilltops and it had briefly stopped raining. “It doesn’t look so bad for this time of year,” I commented. “Why? Is it always like this here?” he asked… and we were both momentarily bemused. He was on holiday in early September while I was in a completely different time warp having just been over to Richmond on a story for November’s issue – I genuinely thought it was a couple of months further on. He’s probably back home now thinking those stupid Yorkshire folk don’t even know what day it is…

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