A walk along the canal towpath might not be everyone’s cup of tea. For me it has to involve a large section in the countryside. Oh, and a pub if possible. During a stay-at-home holiday last week I decided to walk a stretch of the Leeds-Liverpool between Gargrave and East Marton, returning via the Pennine Way. I’m ashamed to say it was the first time I’d done this delightful walk despite it being just a few miles from where I live and only five minutes’ drive from the Dalesman office. The journey was far from being predictable and so enjoyable that I’ve decided to share it with everyone by including it in a future edition of Dalesman… watch out for further details.
Don’t forget, the latest issue of Dalesman is on sale this week. The walk of the month takes in Warley Moor, near Halifax, and there is also an entertaining piece about wandering around Burnsall… plus much more. And the magazine costs less than the amount I paid for a pint on my walk (and lasts a lot longer!). The photo was taken at Bank Newton.

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