Jon Stokoe - The Dalesman Editor
Jon Stokoe

It’s fair to say my last editor’s column did not age well. Having encouraged everyone to get out and about to support those communities hit by flooding, we now find ourselves at home, staying safe, to save lives.

All those doctors, nurses, carers, delivery drivers, shop staff and essential workers in our midst are doing us proud.

The least we can do is listen to all the advice from the experts and stay at home and social distance when necessary.

Despite some of our features detailing walks and places to visit, common sense (which all our readers have) should prevail and we should not go and explore until safe to do so.

If you’ve been watching the news and reading the papers, you’ll know of many businesses facing a fight to survive.

This month our page count has reduced from the usual 100 pages, many of those as a result of the drop-off in advertising.

Here is the perfect place to thank our regular advertisers who have stuck by us, as well as those new ones who have joined us, as we strive to maintain our usual editorial content and deliver the best read possible.

The bottom line is I want to assure all our readers in God’s Own Country, and those all around the world, that The Dalesman is very much open for business, as are our sister titles Cumbria, Down Your Way, The Countryman and Lakeland Walker.

We are committed to ensuring you’ll still have your monthly fix of Yorkshire as you have done for the past eighty-one years.

So please: stay home, stay safe, and let’s hope the Winged Victory figure featured on the front cover acts as our guardian angel in the months to come.

Yours in Yorkshire,
Jon Stokoe

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