While most of the nation was watching 22 men kicking a ball about on Sunday I was taking in the delights of the Broughton Show near Skipton. It’s a very different and quirky local event which raises vital cash for the Cave Rescue Organisation and the Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association (WFRA).
Coincidentally, this week I watched a great little film about WFRA, made in 1964 by Edward Winpenny, on the website of the Yorkshire Film Archive  (www.yfaonline.com). It features a reconstruction of a cave rescue and includes brief interviews with the volunteers who make up the Rescue Team.
Although used principally to help with raising funds and for education, it was also shown at the National Film Theatre, went on to win the top award with the Scottish International Film Festival and was in the top 10 amateur films of the year as judged by ‘Amateur Cine World’. Well worth a watch if you get the chance.

While I was getting my nose and forehead burnt in the sunshine Broughton Show stalwart David Aynesworth almost got much more of his body scorched as he attempted to clear the river in the Birdman Challenge. As usual his rocket-propelled attempt ended in abject failure…

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