A crackdown on off-road motor cyclists in the Yorkshire Dales has caught several  breaking the law. During spot checks on eight bikers using Green Lanes in Wensleydale  at the weekend three had no road tax, two are being investigated for not having insurance and another had an illegal number plate. Two others managed to get away without being checked. 

Matt Neale, the Authority’s Area Ranger for Upper Wensleydale, is co-ordinating the joint action days, with the police  said: “From our point of view it was very successful because it helped raise awareness of what the law requires, both in terms of the vehicle and the use of public footpaths, bridleways and byways. The illegal use of motor bikes and 4×4 vehicles in the National Park is a big problem and they can have a serious effect on the landscape, wildlife and other users.

The police would like to hear from anyone who has witnessed illegal off-roading incidents. These should be reported to police stations in Grassington, Settle, Ingleton, Hawes and Leyburn.

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