The western side of the county has had one of its worst summers in living memory so when the sun shone briefly yesterday (Sunday) afternoon there was no way I would be staying home doing my usual chores. As the bulk of tourists were heading home I decided to make the most of some lovely early evening light by heading up over lonely Kingsdale and into Dentdale. A few locals were preparing for the Bank Holiday Monday show in Dent and there were a handful holidaymakers strolling the town’s pretty cobbled streets, trying to work out what that unusual warm yellow thing was up in the sky. After a short walk it was a beautiful drive home as the light faded; Whernside and Ingleborough were silhouetted against the darkening skies and Penyghent lapped up the finals rays of sun. Unfortunately, the ironing still had to be done.
Top photo shows the view down Deepdale from the road to Kingsdale; below, barn near Garlic Wood, Dent.

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