Renowned landscape artist Ashley Jackson has taken up his brushes to help the fight against windfarms in the Pennines. The Holmefirth-based watercolourist has produced a new painting showing giant turbines on the hilltops and says it is the first time he has deliberately made his beloved moors look ugly.

The painting, Look What They’ve Done to My Moors, Ma, is a protest against the seemingly inexorable expansion of ever-taller turbines into the Yorkshire uplands.

He says wind power is too unreliable to make a significant contribution to fighting global warming and research should be channeled into other forms of renewable energy, such as tidal power, instead.

You can read the full interview with Ashley in the November issue of Dalesman.

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  1. Brian Norman

    No paintings done by Ashley Jackson to my eyes can ever be classed as ugly. Each has character and a message to tell. May I point out that the perspective needs to be looked at a little closer concening the trefoil arrangements of the sails. The 3 wings are of equal angles and to deliberately mar the appearance of the wind turbines is not painting a true image. Come on Ashley you can do better than this.

  2. Chris Hopkins

    I rather like the wind turbines. They are surprisingly elegant, especially compared with traditional electricity pylons, and actually compliment some moorland scenery. They can look quite spectacular set against heavy grey skies and rolling hills.


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