Are you one of those people who creates a list just so you can have the pleasure of ticking off the items? I have mental lists but nothing down on paper. On my mental list of things to do when I retire is to make a list of all the waterfalls in Yorkshire and visit every one of them so I can tick them off. The trouble is, by the time I retire I may well have seen them all. I had a job to do near Keld last week and made a short detour to the nearby waterfalls to eat my lunch. I remember camping by the Swale here many years ago, the sound of Catrake Force keeping me awake all night. Kisdon Force is a little further down the river while the smaller one, pictured here, at East Stonesdale is formed from East Gill, just before it joins the Swale. It is busy of course at weekends and holidays – but perfect for the retired to enjoy a day out…

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