Last week saw me visiting two very contrasting features of the Yorkshire countryside – one so modern it is not yet finished and the other ancient and shrouded in mystery. The one thing they have in common is that I visited them both on terrible days. High on the Nidderdale hills above Greenhow I went to see the building of Coldstones Cut, a new art installation which will attract visitors to this part of Dales. Due to some heavy lifting work going on I wasn’t able to get any closer than you see on the photo above – it’s supposed to open in mid September but judging by the weather on the day it went that date might be a little optimistic. Read more about it in September’s Dalesman (on sale August 25). The following day I was at the other side of York trying my best to dodge the showers on the Howardian Hills. While there is photographed the City of Troy maze (below) for a story in one of my other magazines, The Countryman. No one’s exactly sure how old this little turf maze is but it is thought to be one of only eight in the whole country. The story will appear in October’s issue.


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