Staff in American cookware stores are being taught the fine art of making Yorkshire puddings.

Since the British cookware company ProCook opened branches across the Atlantic, sales of Yorkshire pud trays have proved popular.

Now staff are to take part in one-hour training courses so sales staff can explain to customers the difference between the Yorkshire delicacy and its Stateside equivalent, the popover.

The teams at the New England stores are learning about the history and evolution of the Yorkshire pudding, basic recipes and taste tests.

yorkshire puds

The syllabus also features American poet, Ogden Nash who wrote, “Let’s call Yorkshire pudding, a fortunate blunder: It’s a sort of popover, that turned and popped under.”

The courses are being taught to employees at the ProCook stores in Kittery, Maine and Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Kittery store manager Janel Patten said, “We’re not surprised that our Yorkshire tins are selling, if you’ll excuse the pun, like hot cakes.

“After all, when the Yorkshire pudding first came to the US they were popularised by early settlers here in New England.”

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  1. David Ackrill

    Now we just need to let them know that using a large flat tin with high(ish) sides makes better Yorkshire Pudding than the round individual ones…


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