I enjoyed a few days in Guernsey this week and very pleasant as it was, there’s nothing better than arriving back home is there? And by home I mean Yorkshire, of course. When travelling up the M1 it was always the old Tinsley towers that signalled you were back in the county, even though the boundary is further south (watch out for a special feature on Bawtry – often described as Yorkshire’s first/last place – in a future edition of Dalesman). On the way to my house from Manchester Airport the county begins just after the very Lancashire settlements of Barrowford and Blacko. As the road rises out of the industrial valley it runs into fine countryside where a proud notice signifies the Historic County of Yorkshire. Ah, the West Riding begins. Not a mile further on and the landscape of this south-western section of the Dales opens up before you. Now Guernsey is a pretty place but with respect to its residents (and to those who live in the flat parts of Yorkshire), there’s nothing gladdens my heart more than seeing all those inviting hills and valleys once again. Blimey, I was only away three days… goodness knows what I’d be like if they sent me away for a week abroad. Picture shows Penyghent – I had a quick drive there on my return, just to make sure it was still where it should be.

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