One of my favourite Yorkshire roads is that between Colne and Hebden Bridge. Yes, I know it skirts briefly with the other county but at least it’s across one of the better parts. The road is winding, steep, a little scary and offers great views. I took the route at the weekend… it was supposed to be a short cut to visit a friend but I ended up stopping so many times to take photos or admire the views that I’d have been quicker taking the longer route. The best bit is the part marked as Ridehalgh Lane on most maps. There are paths leading towards Lads Law (518m) and Boulsworth Hill and plenty of walks around Widdop and the other reservoirs nearby. The isolated Packhorse Inn survives and if you can find room to park below the hairpin bends around Blakedean Hostel you can find walks down the wooded valley towards Hardcastle Crags.

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  1. Anne O'Hara

    Aggree with you absolutely. Such scenery reminds me of growing up in Crag Vale.

  2. pete cosgrove

    Does any one know if a bus travels down this route?


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