I was wondering at the weekend what I’ve captured by which to remember the Yorkshire summer of 2011. Very little is the answer. The thought came to me when I saw a magnificent rainbow at the weekend (but of course I didn’t have the camera with me). Was this my most memorable Dales scene in what has been a drab, wet season? I scoured through my photo diary… one or two bright spots but mainly nothing really thought provoking. I feel sorry for those who now rely so heavily on tourism – it can’t be easy. Diversifying and changing the direction of your business takes guts, especially in difficult financial times. The one factor – and in many cases the most important – you haven’t any control over is the weather. Hopefully visitors will realise that our dales and moors are worth visiting whatever the elements throw at us… autumn and winter can be as spectacular as ‘summer’.
This stormy shot of Penyghent from Malham road was taken in July.

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