That popular Yorkshire icon Ilkley Moor has been shrouded in more than mist recently. Controversy involving walkers, dogs, gamekeepers and grouse has had everyone in a bit of a kerfuffle. The Bingley Moor Partnership have leased shooting rights for the moor and this has been sanctioned by Bradford Met Council. Running a shoot on publicly-owned moorland is bound to lead to confrontation – accidental or pre-planned.
Common sense is obviously called for. Clear, highly visible signs stating when and where shooting is taking place is priority, perhaps with adverts in local newspapers and websites. Dog owners are told they must act responsibly – in or out of shooting season – so that nesting birds and other wildlife are protected. It all seems a bit ironic to me… ‘don’t let your dog disturb nesting birds; we want to kill some grouse’.
The Friends of Ilkley Moor have published guidelines for moor users:

Photo taken from the moor overlooking Ilkley

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