I made a quick exit from a shop in Skipton this week when I heard Christmas carols being played over the PA system. Too much, too early I thought – I’ve not even cleared out my summer flower boxes. Back in the office I received an email from a reader complaining about the October magazine containing the Dalesman Christmas catalogue… ‘I don’t want this kind of thing landing on my doormat on September 24 – you’re as bad as the supermarkets, the email indignantly declared. (In our defence, I should say we do have to cater for a lot of readers who send Yorkshire gifts overseas…when you add the order period to the time required for posting abroad, Christmas doesn’t seem that far away!)
If you’re the organised kind whose mind is turning towards Christmas you’ll have already studied our catalogue and if you require further ideas why not think about a tree dedication? Clapham-based charity Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT), known for its work planting native broadleaved trees across the Yorkshire Dales and Nidderdale AONB, has announced the location of their next Supporter Woodland – Harrison’s Wood near Pateley Bridge.  It covers an area of 6.3 hectares and has been planted with a mixture of native broadleaf species, including large proportions of Hawthorn (15%), Ash (12%) and Downy Birch (10%).  In total, 6750 trees were planted on the site this winter, and now each of those trees is ready to be dedicated as a gift or memorial. Nidderdale AONB only has around 8% of tree coverage compared to the national average of 11%. Harrison’s Wood  links into an existing area of woodland planted by the Trust in 2008/09. Together the two areas of planting cover over 13 hectares, providing a substantial area of natural woodland which will become a crucial habitat for a variety of wildlife. Both areas of land are owned by Mrs Hylda Harrison and are overseen by her daughter Mrs Clayborough. If you’d like to dedicate a native broadleaf tree in Harrison’s Wood, or if you are interested in finding out more about using your own land to create a woodland, visit www.ydmt.org or call the Trust on 015242 51002.

Photo shows a view down upper Nidderdale

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