A gallery’s new exhibition is inspired by the landscape of the Yorkshire Dales and south Lakes in summertime.

‘Summer Dales’ opens at the Lime Gallery, near Settle, at the end of May.

A gallery spokeswoman said, “There is an expression here – “Dales time” – things will happen in our own good time, there is no call for hurry and rush. Our artists have captured its essence.

“The pace slows, the heat haze lingers, some nights it is never truly dark, and the hills and valleys, fields and woods, invite you to pause at the gatepost, gaze to the horizon, and escape from the urgency of the modern world.”

Burnsall in June by Ross Brown

Burnsall in June by Ross Brown

Sir John Betjeman, speaking at Speech Day, Giggleswick School, in 1975, summed it up, when he said, “….  as I woke up in the morning there was such scenery as doesn’t exist in the rest of England.  Looking across at the great hillside with sheep on it, and down over the hills, and down below into the mist, I thought  ‘I have come abroad, I have come back to what England was once like, this is a separate, secret, country…’.”

The exhibition will include Nigel Overton’s landscape paintings, Ross Brown’s photography, Jane Rushton’s interpretations of topography and geology, and Tim Slatter’s dramatic etchings of Littondale and Ribblesdale.

Alongside this will be Sue Ure ceramics and Amy William’s wildlife papercuts.

Summer Dales is a free exhibition which opens on Saturday 25 May and runs until 25 August 2013.

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